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The Queens Speech: the highlights
Ref: 232

by Sarah Berger on Jun 22, 2017

Business and economy highlights of the Queens Speech.

Brexit – the impact so far
Ref: 231

by Sarah Berger on Jun 15, 2017

Taking stock of the impact so far as we approach June 19th.

Preparing for the future – how can you protect your inheritance?
Ref: 230

by Sarah Berger on Jun 05, 2017

Preparing for any so-called "dementia tax".

Property inheritance and Theresa May’s “Dementia Tax”
Ref: 229

by Sarah Berger on May 23, 2017

There goes the inheritence?

Making Tax Digital – on hold, or on the chopping block?
Ref: 228

by Sarah Berger on May 17, 2017

The demise of Making Tax Digital?

A Guide to Company Car Tax
Ref: 227

by Sarah Berger on May 02, 2017

Advice on tax liability on your company car.

Company owners – are you over-paying on life insurance?
Ref: 226

by Sarah Berger on Apr 25, 2017

Advice on life insurance via your own business,

Limited company contractors – will you be better or worse off following March’s budget?
Ref: 225

by Sarah Berger on Apr 18, 2017

Contractors - how did you fare in March's budget?

Happy new savings tax year!
Ref: 224

by Sarah Berger on Apr 04, 2017

Advice on savings and pension allowances for the new tax year.

The demise of the Flat-Rate VAT perk
Ref: 223

by Sarah Berger on Mar 28, 2017

Advice for those caught by the flat-rate VAT scheme changes.

How will Budget 2017 hit your personal finances?
Ref: 222

by Sarah Berger on Mar 20, 2017

Savings, shares, smokers and drivers affected.

What is the outcome of Budget 2017 for SMEs?
Ref: 221

by Sarah Berger on Mar 10, 2017

Headline tax information for small businesses from Budget 2017.

Inheritance Tax Planning and Trusts
Ref: 220

by Sarah Berger on Mar 03, 2017

Do you know how to minimise tax by inheritance tax planning - if not, read on!

Auto-enrolment for small companies - your questions answered
Ref: 219

by Sarah Berger on Feb 24, 2017

How are you coping with the auto-enrolment roll-out? Your questions answered!

Tax Planning for Buy-to-let and Additional Properties
Ref: 218

by Sarah Berger on Feb 08, 2017

Do you know the tax implications of owning multiple properties? If not - read on!

Contractors – do you know how much you should be saving for your tax bill?
Ref: 217

by Sarah Berger on Jan 30, 2017

As a contractor – do you know how much you should be saving when the taxman finally calls?

Allowable expenses – the definitive guide
Ref: 216

by Sarah Berger on Jan 13, 2017

With the January tax self-assessment deadline looming, are you up to date with exactly what you can, and cannot claim?

Back to Reality – Januarys Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline
Ref: 215

by Sarah Berger on Jan 06, 2017

It's that time again - the dreaded January 31st self-assessment deadline!

5 financial resolutions for a Happy New Year
Ref: 214

by Sarah Berger on Dec 23, 2016

Our top 5 financial resolutions for small businesses for the coming year.

Ho ho ho! Seasonal advice for small businesses
Ref: 213

by Sarah Berger on Dec 16, 2016

Advice for business owners to have a more enjoyable Christmas.

Small Business Saturday success!
Ref: 212

by Sarah Berger on Dec 08, 2016

Fourth annual event for smaller trader is hailed a success.

Is Hammond going to clamp down on pensions?
Ref: 211

by Sarah Berger on Dec 01, 2016

Pension advisors prepare for a change in flexible pension arrangements.

Hammonds Autumn Statement 2016 revealed
Ref: 210

by Sarah Berger on Nov 23, 2016

We take a look at the main highlights of Philip Hammond’s speech today.

Small businesses advice for Black Friday
Ref: 209

by Sarah Berger on Nov 22, 2016

Not just for retailers - what will you be selling on Black Friday?

The Trump Win – what does this mean for the global and UK economy?
Ref: 208

by Sarah Berger on Nov 09, 2016

What can we actually expect from Trump when he finally reaches the Whitehouse?

The Autumn Statement looms – what should small businesses expect?
Ref: 206

by Sarah Berger on Nov 02, 2016

What should small businesses expect from Hammond later this month?

Small businesses and VAT – Part 2
Ref: 205

by Sarah Berger on Oct 13, 2016

Part 2 of our series of articles on small business VAT

Small businesses and VAT – Part 1
Ref: 204

by Sarah Berger on Oct 04, 2016

Many new business owners aren’t sure whether they need to register for VAT...

Calls to delay Making Tax Digital
Ref: 203

by Sarah Berger on Sep 26, 2016

Treasury Select Committee calls on HMRC to delay "Making Tax Digital" plans.

Minimise your tax bill with a pension
Ref: 202

by Sarah Berger on Sep 16, 2016

Pay more into your pension and pay less tax! 

A guide to allowable business expenses
Ref: 201

by Sarah Berger on Sep 06, 2016

Guidance on the top 5 business expenses that we are most often asked about...

Auto-enrolment for small businesses
Ref: 200

by Sarah Berger on Aug 25, 2016

Millions of workers are signed up under the scheme by larger employers, and now it's time for smaller businesses

Early bird tax self-assessments
Ref: 199

by Sarah Berger on Aug 11, 2016

As of July 25th, you are now able to complete HMRCs business 2015-16 tax self-assessment ahead of the January 2017 deadline

Lack of alternative funding inhibiting SME growth plans
Ref: 198

by Sarah Berger on Aug 01, 2016

New research has found that a lack of alternative funding options is inhibiting growth within Britain’s SMEs, with seven-in-ten stating they need more options.

Tax goes digital
Ref: 197

by Sarah Berger on Jul 20, 2016

Digital tax plans by HMRC, with them hoping to roll systems out to all businesses, individuals, landlords and limited companies by 2020.

Funding for small businesses
Ref: 196

by Sarah Berger on Jul 14, 2016

As a small business, where do you look for funding? What are the different types and how difficult is it to obtain funding to launch or grow your business?

Brexit vote upside - corporation tax cut for small businesses
Ref: 195

by Sarah Berger on Jul 08, 2016

Following the Brexit vote, George Osborne has this week pledged to cut corporation tax, in a bid to encourage businesses to continue investing in the UK.

Post-Brexit Britain: international trading
Ref: 194

by Sarah Berger on Jun 30, 2016

Following its decision to sever links with the EU, the UK now faces the daunting task of coming to a new trade agreement with Brussels.

Know your assets from your equity: Balance Sheet basics
Ref: 193

by Sarah Berger on Jun 22, 2016

You may have heard of balance sheets, but don’t necessarily know why they might be important to your small business. Do you even need one? 

5 most common accounting mistakes small businesses make
Ref: 192

by Sarah Berger on Jun 17, 2016

Financial mistakes could setback the growth of your business, give you cash flow problems or even an unwanted enquiry by HMRC.

Finding the right accountant
Ref: 191

by Sarah Berger on Jun 10, 2016

How important is it to your business to have the right accountant? Maybe you don't even have an accountant as yet, but are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the “books” yourself?
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